Holly and Me…

Yesterday I watched the film “Marley & Me” and it reminded me of a dog that we once had. Her name was Holly.

At that stage we were living in Mauritius and Holly arrived on our doorstep the night before a cyclone hit the island. She was a dog of mixed breed i.e. a mongrel. We were not sure of her age, but estimated her to be around 3 months old.

At first I tried to chase her away, thinking that she had run away from her home, but she kept running back to our house! She was probably an abandoned dog, as are many of the dogs in Mauritius and she obviously decided that our home was her home!

We did not want a dog, but I could not leave her outside with a cyclone about to arrive, so I brought her inside the house, fed her and made her comfortable for the night. Over the next few weeks I looked for a home for her, but no one wanted a dog, so Holly remained with us. She was named “Holly” after the cyclone “Hollanda” that hit the island on the night of her arrival.

Like Marley she was not well behaved and did her best to ruin my life, or at least, the belongings in my life. I think my neighbours must have thought that I had lost my mind when I ran around the garden yelling at Holly because she chewed up my brand new cushions! As with any good puppy, she chewed anything that she get her teeth into – shoes, the children’s toys, anything!

Time went on and Holly was a sweet-tempered, loving dog and became a part of the fabric of our lives.

Then one day she was not around and waiting for her food when I got up in the morning. At first I did not worry, but when she did not appear after an hour I got worried and the children and I started looking around for her. In the end she was found by the gardner. She was dead; we later found out that she had been poisoned. I was devastated! After our stormy (no pun intended) beginning I could not believe that I would be so upset when she died. It just goes to show, they creep into our hearts and bring joy to our lives.

I don’t have a photo of Holly, but I found this cute picture on the site of  “The Graphics Fairy”

The Graphics Fairy


2 thoughts on “Holly and Me…

  1. and remember when the pest decided to put the contents of my wardrobe onto the front porch to greet me when i got back from riding!! that wasn’t long after she chewed up your cushions! he he she kept us on our toes! 🙂

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