It has been raining today, so this afternoon I went out into the garden to take some photos of the puddles of water and the reflections in them.

The first thing that I saw was this…

This puddle was not from the rain, but because our driver was washing the car. It still made for interesting reflections.

A rain puddle in the driveway…

Most of the expats have drivers here and we are no exception. The driving and traffic here is crazy and parking is a problem too. Tom often drives in the evenings and at weekends if we are going out in our local neighbourhood. However, he won’t let me drive as he does not want to get a phone call because the “police” have decided to stop me and try and get money from me. Trust me, that happens here. I put police in “..” because some of the people are not police and try to extort money for trumped up reasons! The frustrations of this place! One of my sons, said that the very things that frustrate me are the things that make it interesting here. Hmmm…I could do without many of the “interesting” things!

Anyway, Tayo, was going to fetch Tom from the airport and decided the car needed a wash (which it did) before he fetched his boss.

I am linking up to this week’s Black & White Wednesdays


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