That golf thing…

Oh dear…I have not achieved my goal of doing a Post A Day for this month. Oh well, that is too bad…I could not do it…I am not perfect. For one of my views on the subject of perfection read this.

On Thursday and Friday I played in the Club Championships at our golf club. My game was dire!!! Everyone else also played badly so I should not be so hard on myself. Friday’s golf nearly got rained off, because there was a big thunderstorm and it rained solidly for several hours. Some of the ladies went home, but most of us sat around and eventually were able to tee off around 12:30 – four and a half hours later than scheduled!

No photos of the golf itself, but a golf-related one…

…and a couple of quotes from this book…

Whoever said putting was a pleasure obviously never played golf.” – Michael Green

“I think I know the answer to your putting problems. You need to hit the ball closer to the hole.” – Valerie Hogan to her legendary husband Ben.


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