31 May…

Goodness me…five months of 2011 have gone! Now I am on countdown till I go to the UK at the end of July in preparation for my daughter’s wedding at the beginning of September. Nettes, if you read this, I hope you are going to have everything done and your mother can have a holiday – hehe!

Meanwhile, I still have some duties in Lagos, one of them being the Bridge at the yacht club. On Saturday the boats went offshore and gave me  sometime to wander around and take a couple of photos.

One of the buoys had been taken out of the water and given a revamp. In fact, it looks as if they have done a new one. I wonder what they are going to do with the old one. The new one looks very smart…

(Click on the photos to get clearer images)

Our worthy Commodore was not sailing and decided to clean his boat. He called me over to photograph his shiny, clean boat that was standing next to the Rear Commodore’s dirty one! Some people love to show off. The Rear Commodore, by the way was working on the Bridge with me 🙂

That is the last of my posts for May and I am NOT going to pressure myself into doing a Post A Day again – haha.


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