Puddles and Reflections…

Yesterday it rained heavily, without a break for more than 12 hours. It was so gloomy in the house, even with the lights on. There were reports of roads and homes being more than 2 feet under water. Friends of ours had to evacuate their apartment because they were eventually thigh-deep in water inside the house! They said the furniture was floating!

We have been surprisingly dry for the most part – a small leak in one of the rooms, but it did not cause too much of a problem.

A little while ago, I went out into the garden and took a couple of pictures of reflections in the puddles.

The two photos below are of the same puddle, but taken from different angles, thereby showing different reflections.

The scaffolding in the photo above is because of this…

The outside of the house and the garden walls are going to be painted and the painters put up the scaffolding on Saturday. It is long overdue,but we had to wait for the landlord to agree for it to be done. However, I do wonder why they choose to do it in the rainy season! Anyway, I have to be grateful for small mercies. Of course, they have not been able to any work today because of the rain. Hmmm…I wonder how long it will take to get the job done…


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