Last Day…

Yesterday was my final day of Bridge duties at the yacht club. For the last three years I have been going to the yacht club every Saturday (when I have been in Lagos) to help with the running of the races.

It has certainly been a time off learning and growth for me. I still do not know what a jibe, a tack, a reach etc etc is. But….I do know the start procedure for each race-

  • 5 minutes to the start time – class flag up and sound the horn
  • 4 minutes – “P” flag up and sound on horn
  • 1 minute – “P” flag down and sound on horn
  • On start – class flag down
…and off they go. Simple? Hmmm….not always the case. The things that can go wrong or complicate matters are too numerous for me to mention. Let’s just say that, very seldom, did I have a boring day on the Bridge πŸ™‚
Now it is time for me to have a break and give someone else a chance to have fun. I must say I was very touched by some unexpected thanks and gifts last night after the races were over.
Now I know where the missing Hobie flag went. It is now in my possession with a whole lot of signatures from the sailors on it! Ah well, if the club needs another “H” flag they will have to get one made.
There is a story about “Bridge Bat” that originated from before my time on the Bridge. I can’t remember it all, but I think I carried on the tradition of being a “bat” at times πŸ™‚
Hobie flag, that was…
OOD – keeping a lookout..
Bridge assistants for the day…

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