Outfits and gorillas…

I am now in the UK – yay!! It is so nice to be here.

Today my daughter, a friend of hers and I went shopping for a Mother-of-the-Bride outfit! Clothes shopping is not my favourite thing – it is very depressing to try things on only to find out that they are too tight/too big/too ridiculous and so on. Why doesn’t the fashion industry realise that most of us out there are real women and do not have perfect barbie doll model figures???

Anyway, the day ended up being a lot more fun than expected and….I found an outfit!! So, dress and hat – check. Shoes, bag and jewelry still to buy. It was really lovely to have my daughter with me so she could help me. I really wanted her to like what I am going to wear, after all it is going to be her special day 🙂

After our shopping trip we drove back to Bristol over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, where we saw a gorilla! He was in a top hat and dress suit! Bristol Zoo Gardens is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year and in honour of this auspicious occasion they have got life-size models of gorillas that have been decorated by various artists, These have been placed in different parts of Bristol and surrounding area. In addition to the one at Clifton Bridge, we saw one in the centre of Clifton and another in Bristol centre. One of my sons was going on a gorilla-spotting bike ride today. The last I heard they had seen 14.

Gorilla in park in Clifton…


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