Red Arrows…

The annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta has been held over the past few days and yesterday my eldest son & I paid it a visit. Sadly, there were no balloons to be seen. The planned evening ascent could not be held due to the wind not being right for it.

We did, however, see the Red Arrow display. This was a magnificent sight over the skies of Bristol. I watched with my heart in my mouth as the planes seemed to fly within millimetres of each other. They are amazing pilots!

The wind might not have been right for the balloons, but it certainly played fair for the display and the spectators. As you can see from the photos below there was plenty of blue sky – it was beautiful.

The photos are not the best, but they bring back good memories of a great display.

On an aside note: some annoying black spot suddenly appeared in the pictures. I could not see an obvious mark on the lens and then later on in other photos the mark was not evident. I hate it when things like that happen and I cannot find the cause!

The Red Arrows heart…


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