Wedding Preparations…

Last Saturday (3 September) was the day of our daughter, Antoinette’s wedding. How time has flown since she got engaged over a year ago! And now, it is all over.

The day dawned dry, though not sunny. The good thing was, it was not raining! On an aside note, the sun did show its face for a few moments later in the day. Anyway, I had a few precious moments with my girl and gave her a little something to open…a very strange gift some people may think! It was a journal, She had all the jewelry etc she needed for her special day, so I thought it would be nice for her to have a record their honeymoon. I find one forgets the daily happenings quickly, especially when one is having so much fun.

At 8am the two ladies who were doing the hair and makeup arrived and the preparations began. In amongst the busy-ness of the morning I managed to snap a few shots. They are not my best, but do provide a memory of parts of the morning.

The bride-to-be…

Two of the four bridesmaids…

I will post some pictures of the bride and her groom in the next couple of days.


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