Reflections on…

Over the last couple of months, my photography has definitely been on the back burner. Mostly for good reasons…my daughter’s wedding and the preparations that involved and then spending time with my mother, whilst she visited England. She lives in South Africa and has not been to the UK for over 30 years. She really enjoyed being able to see her birth land again, as well as seeing school friends after so many years.

My photography suffered because I do not find it easy to grab my camera every time a photo opportunity pops up. I admire those who do get the moment in time on camera. I will have to make an effort to take more moments.

A couple of days ago, I went to visit some friends in Buckinghamshire, They have a lovely home on the banks of a river with a golf course on the other side of the river. We sat on their new deck on the edge of the river as the sun went down. The reflections of the trees in the water caught my eye and I actually got my camera and took some photos.

I am linking up to Deb’s This or That Thursday.



  1. Sounds like you have had a very full but enjoyable few months! How exciting. Love your photo- looks like such a wonderful place to collect ones thoughts.

  2. Lovely photo and a beautiful place to sit and relax with friends. I do find photography time consuming. Even when I have time to take a few shots here and there, then you’ve got to find the time to upload and then blog too. Glad you found some time for this photo. Thanks for linking up!

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