A morning drive…

This morning I got up early and drove out into the countryside, with taking photographs being the prime reason for going out. I landed up stopping around Badminton in Gloucestershire.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful over the past few days…summer decided to show its face again! Once again, this morning dawned with the sun shining and barely a cloud in the sky. As the sun warmed the earth, so the mist came up too. This did not make for the clearest of photographs, but I found the atmosphere interesting.

As I was driving along one of the smaller roads I came across this scene of the sun casting the most incredible rays. Happily, there was a very convenient place for me to stop and take some photos.

 On the way home, I stopped and put my 100-400mm lens on the camera.Then I walked into a field looking to see if there was anything interesting to photograph. There was nothing really eye-catching until I looked up and saw a couple of hot air balloons! They were too far away in the first few photos, but I managed to get a couple of shots when they came a bit closer. The air was still very hazy, hence the quality of the photos.

 Talking of the 100-400mm lens, I bought it a few weeks ago, but have not had time to play with it. I am going to South Africa on Tuesday and will be visiting the Kruger National Park whilst there. So I decided that I had better get in some practise with the new lens. It takes a bit of getting used to…the zoom works on a slide mechanism, but I think I will the hang of it soon. Now to produce some good photos…time will tell 🙂


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