Big 5…

I have been in South Africa for the last month. Whilst there I had problems with my internet connection, so was unable to get online to email, blog etc!

We had a busy time there, sorting out things for our house that is being built there…my head was spinning with the many decisions that had to be made…tiles, paints, bathroom fittings, kitchen layouts and more!!!

Whilst in SA, we also spent a week visiting the Kruger National Park. In Africa, when one goes on a safari, one of the many excitements is seeing the Big 5, namely elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. It is not guaranteed that one will see all of these. However, we were blessed to have had a good view of them all this time, even the elusive leopard.

I also find it fascinating to see the, seemingly more insignificant, things. One of my highlights was seeing a tiny steenbok (a small buck) that was probably only an hour old. Its coat was still ruffled and wet and its little legs were all gangly and wobbly!

Once again I was reminded of the saying about not working with animals or children. Most of the time the animals turned their backs on me!!!

I am also linking up with Deb’s This & That Thursday.

P.S. I forgot to say that I used my 100-400mm lens most of the time. The elephant looks as if it was almost in the car, but the focal length was 400mm. Mind you, it was still a little bit close for my comfort…I was very stealthy and quiet in my movements as he/she strolled by!

The Big 5…


  1. That’s so exciting that you got to see all five and then some! The buffalo photo is fabulous. I saw a lot of these in Yellowstone although I guess they’re a little different because they were bison. I can’t believe how close the elephant is! Really a wonderful collection of photos!

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