The overlooked…

…impala. These beautiful creatures are often overlooked on a trip to Kruger. Why? Because they are easily seen and so, in the quest, to find the more elusive and other difficult to find animals, the impala are passed by with barely a glance.

Every time we go to Kruger, I tell Tom that I want to stop and take some photos of….impala! Sometimes he stops and after two clicks of the camera he shows signs of impatience and wants to drive off. This time I told him I was going to say there was a lion lurking near the impala and, while he was looking for said lion, I was going to photograph away to my heart’s content. Unfortunately, that ploy did not work.

However, one time I was vindicated when I told my beloved that the impala were on the alert and something was around. We stopped and within a few seconds out of the bush came running…

A Serval…the first I have seen one in Kruger…

I only got that one photo, as the serval flew off into the bush and out of sight. That brief glance all because of the overlooked impala.

This is one of my favourite photos from this trip. Look at those eyes…


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