A knock on the door…

This morning the doorbell rang and this was what was delivered…

A photo book of pictures from our trip to Kruger

It is the first time I have ordered a photo book and, on the whole, I am pleased with it. However there are a couple of photos that I should have checked more carefully for positioning etc. It is not a train smash, but the lesson learnt is to take more care in future when placing the pictures.

All in all, it is a great memory to have. Most of the time our photos stay on the computer or disc and get forgotten about. Not really the point of photography!

A little later on in the morning there was another ring on the doorbell and this was what had arrived…

Yep…I have splashed out and got Lightroom. Now the test is going to be whether I can learn the tricks of another editing programme. So many people have said that it is really good. Why do I give myself these challenges???

I am linking up to Deb’s This & That Thursday


5 thoughts on “A knock on the door…

  1. Your photo book looks awesome! I made one with iPhoto for my mom of my boys and I really liked how it came out. Good luck learning lightroom. I had it on my pc, but when I switched to mac I didn’t bother getting the mac copy because I was just confused by it. But I really didn’t spend all that much time trying to understand it.

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