Of Mists and Weeds…

The past week has been an interesting one here in Nigeria. There has been a nation-wide strike due to the increase in the price of fuel. All businesses, banks, shops etc were closed. The strike was called off over the weekend, to enable people to go shopping etc. The strike then recommenced this morning, but was called off a short while ago and so we hope that life will return to normal soon. Nothing is ever sure and secure here!!

On Saturday morning I braved the shops to stock up on a few things. I say “braved” because the shops were crazy!

On Saturday afternoon we went to the yacht club. It was good to have a change of scenery and we decided to have dinner there and used up their food stocks instead of ours at home 🙂

There were two things that stood out to me whilst at the club –

1. The harmattan – the dust from the Sahara that gets blown over Nigeria at this time of year. It is not as bad as it has been in years past, but it was still hanging over us and making the views rather murky.

2. The harbour and creek were clogged up with weeds that were being washed down from further up the creek. They form veritable islands on which the egrets were finding delicious bits to eat and the ever-present rubbish collects.


One thought on “Of Mists and Weeds…

  1. OK, I’ve been here many times but I never realized you live in Nigeria!!! An expat for over 20 years? Oh, the joys of being an expat! 🙂 I have to follow your blog more closely now! 🙂

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