No inspiration…

Goodness, but I am finding it difficult to motivate myself to do much at the moment!

Blogging…no inspiration!

Photography…no inspiration!

Sewing…bored with projects I was working on before I went away from Lagos last year. I got back, took them out and thought…”Life is too short to keep on trying to finish things because one feels that one HAS to do so!”

Oh well, one day inspiration will come back to me…won’t it….says she hopefully!

I said that I was not going to go and work on the Bridge at the yacht club once I got back to Lagos, however…on Saturday I succumbed and went to help out. BUT…let it be written here…I am NOT going to do it every week.

I took my camera with me and managed to get a couple of shots in between my duties. What caught my eye in the shot below was the faint reflection of the sail in the water as the boat came towards us.



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