Hobie Troubles…

On Saturday I spent over five hours bobbing around on the ocean taking photos of the Hobie Spring Regatta that was held here in Lagos. My, my…I think it is easier to do the Bridge than it is to take photos whilst being bounced around a little, bitty boat on the ocean waves and in the searing heat!!

I don’t know how those photographers get such amazing pictures when they are photographing ocean races – hats off to them!!

Anyway, a couple of sailors provided some interesting moments i.e. capsizing and then battling to get their ropes and lines untangled. I am sure it was not such fun for them, but it was for me – hehe!

The guys could not get the wires untwisted, so they had to capsize the boat again…

…in order to reach the top of the mast and sort out the trapped wires…Then the boat had to be righted again…

but it went over too far and ended up on the other side…
Pull, boys, pull……upright and putting things back into their proper place…

…and here they are later in the race…

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