Red Pincushion…

It has been ages since I took part in any photographic challenges, so decided to put that right and take part in Lisa’s Monday Macro challenge.

It is the first time that I have taken part in her challenge and I hope it won’t be the last!

The photo below is a protea and I think it is called a Red Pincushion Protea. This one is sitting in a bouquet of flowers that I have in the house at the moment. Proteas are generally lovely flowers to have in a bouquet, as they last very well.

The detail of the tiny hairs in this photo fascinate me…

P.S. I am submitting this photo to Mandarin Orange Monday too…even though it is Wednesday already 😉 Thank you LoriK for inviting me to  enter this photo.

I did not really do too much editing. I have forgotten exactly what I did, but my first edits were in Lightroom, changing the tone and enhancing the colour. Then I sharpened the picture in Photoshop CS5.


8 thoughts on “Red Pincushion…

  1. Wow, who would have thought that it had tiny hairs, how neat! I’m new to macro Monday too – having fun so far coming up with new ideas. 🙂

  2. Rachel I am so pleased that you decided to take part in Mandarin Orange Monday. It really is a beautiful image. I too, often forget what adjustments I make – it “just happens”. But it is always nice to be able to repeat that effect another time. Thanks again:)

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