Orange reflection….

A few days ago I was playing around with my 100-400mm lens. I was too lazy to go and get my tripod, so the photos I took are certainly not as crisp and clear as they should be…that will teach me not to be lazy. I do have a slight excuse, there was a pair of Burchell’s Coucal sitting on the edge of the dam/pond in front of my house and I was worried that they would fly away before I could get a picture. So…I snapped away with my arms wavering under the weight of my lens.

Saying that brings to mind my father telling me not to be in a rush to take a photo…how right he was!!

Anyway, as well as the birds, the buildings across the fairway were casting a reflection of the setting sun onto the water. I thought it might be an appropriate photo for Mandarin Orange Monday.

I did some basic edits in Lightroom, then opened the picture up in Photoshop, where I modified the Curves and adjusted the Vibrance a little. After flattening the image, I  copied the layer, changed the blend layer to Overlay and then added a High Pass filter of 1.5px to sharpen the image.

In a few months time I will probably cringe at having the audacity to put this photo “out there”, but here it is for the moment 🙂

lorik art

4 thoughts on “Orange reflection….

  1. If there is imperfection in this picture, it is obvious only to you. Lovely shot … love that you caught the birds. And, you were wise not to go for your tripod, they would have been gone.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  2. I think when you look at it later you will be pleased you put it up.The water positively glistens and that orange glow is fantastic – unusual too, don’ t you think? No wonder you “rushed it”. I was interested to read your editing techniques… now to find out what a High Pass filter is….Thanks for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

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