I simply cannot believe that a week has gone by since I last put a post on my blog…what happens to the time???

Realising that it was Monday and, therefore, time for Macro Monday and Mandarin Orange Monday, I got out my camera this afternoon and took some photos of this flower. Being a fount of knowledge on the names of flowers (not!) I think this is a gerbera daisy. I am open to correction đŸ™‚

For some reason I battled to get a crisp shot, but I thought the orange tones in this would be an appropriate entry for Mandarin Orange Monday


Then I decided to look at the underside of the flower. It makes me feel like I am in one of those “Honey, I Shrunk The…” movies and I am standing under a huge plant. Definitely appropriate for Macro Monday


5 thoughts on “Flower…

  1. Two interesting view points of a beautiful flower – we first look down and then up! Thank you for sharing your lovely work with Mandarin Orange Monday. Great images.

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