We have someone/thing residing next to the steps that lead from our verandah down to the  lawn. I think that Lizzy is living in the crevices of the stone wall of the planter. I am not sure for how long he/she will be able to live in those crevices, as he/she will grow a tad too large to fit into said crevices…she is a juvenile water monitor lizard 🙂 I must say I am not very fond of reptiles. In fact, if it was a snake I would have left the house until my husband (or someone else) had removed the thing and sent it  far away! However, Lizzy and I are beginning to tolerate one another and each day I go out to see if he/she is sunning itself on the wall.

Today, I crept around and took a couple of shots (the camera kind, not gun :)) I was not allowed to get very close, so this is the best I could achieve.

The photo has an orangey tone to it, so I decided to add a Poster Edge Filter and submit this for this week’s Mandarin Orange Monday. If you go over to Lori’s site, you will see how creatively she has used the Poster Edge Filter in her photos.

Lizzy with a Poster Edge look…


7 thoughts on “Lizzy…

  1. What an amazing looking creature! He seems to have a very big head for his body too, don’t you think? His colour and patterns look great against that rock….and I do love your poster edges filter processing:))) It really has given emphasis to that texture and pattern.
    Thank you for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)

    1. Lori…the first time I saw him, I thought he was deformed, but I think it is because he is a juvenile and he will “grow into his head” as he matures

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