MoM 26…

This little, actually, not-so-little fellow was hopping around our verandah yesterday. His amazing colours made me run and grab my camera, with macro lens, and take a few shots. I am not so sure about giving him his modelling fees because he was not very co-operative and did not stay still for very long at all. I don’t know what was wrong with him…he kept hopping all over the place!

Anyway here he is and his colouring qualifies him for the weekly Mandarin Orange Monday challenge. Look at those orange eyes! I also like the reflection in the glass top of the table.

My edits were:-

Made a couple of adjustments in the Curves layer

Boosted the saturation up to 15 (at least I think it was 15!)

Sharpened the image by using using a High Pass filter



8 thoughts on “MoM 26…

  1. Very cool looking! I friend of mine, a little homeschooled girl, collected these creatures as pets, kept them in a terrarium, fed them and studied them! She knew all about their habits-how to tell if male or female-when they would lay their eggs! After a while she would set them free again 🙂

  2. I was about to start writing exactly what Tina wrote! It really is fantastic – imagine being so beautiful, naturally! Your photography is so sharp! And I love the refection. Wow! Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

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