A Close Up…

Well, well Blog….you have been sorely neglected over the past month, but I see you have survived!

What, you ask, has been keeping me away from you? What could be more important than you? Ummm…the answer to that is…ummm…life!

Anyway, dear Blog, you are not the only one that has been neglected. My photography, Mandarin Orange Monday, my art and many other things have been neglected too, so don’t feel bad.

Here are a couple of macro shots of a strelitzia that was blooming in our garden a couple of weeks ago. It was not in the most convenient place to photograph. I had to walk down a little bank and trample over my husband’s plants (shhh…don’t tell him!) to get some shots. I nearly fell over in the process, and…horror upon horrors, my tripod got all muddy!! However, I think the result was worth it 🙂

Strelitzia 01shpn

Strelitzia Vanilla


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