A bit of colour and a bit of b&w…

As I sit at my computer in my study, this is my view outside the sliding door…


I love the sound of water and the running fountain is very peaceful. Today is overcast, but it is a lovely change from the heat and humidity that we have had over the past couple of months.

My B&W version…

Courtyard Lk3 Vanilla SL 70%

I wandered out into the garden and saw this orange flower (I think it is a honeysuckle)…

Orange flower 01-3

and my B&W version…

Orange flower 01-2Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: 50mm f1.4

I am making a last minute entry for this week’s MOM challenge.


4 thoughts on “A bit of colour and a bit of b&w…

  1. Beautiful orange flower, love the color! We have a similar plant here in SoCali called “mock orange” and it can reach the sky if left untrimmed. The BW photo is stunning!

    1. Aaawww so calming and beautiful! What a wonderful place to rest! I totally enjoy visiting your blog! If you like, you can send some heat right here to me, we have such cold weather and need some more sunlight 🙂

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