Reasons why…

I am always finding excuses for neglecting you, dear Blog, but I think the following should be a pretty good reason…


Two very special little reasons…born in May. No they are not twins, but cousins born six days apart; a son born to our 2nd son and his wife and a daughter born to our daughter and her husband – our first grandchildren. How spoilt  are we!!! We were very appreciative of the fact that the children were born so close together, as they live in the UK whilst we live in South Africa. So we got a “two-for-one trip”

In spite of spending so much time with the babies, I didn’t get much chance to photograph them. They were not always the most co-operative models…you know the adage about not working with animals or children – hehe!

Anyway, I am back in South Africa and seriously missing my baby cuddles!!!

After a long absence I am submitting this photo for MOM. It has a sort of orangey tone to it 🙂 Lori, I do hope you will forgive my absence and I am looking forward to picking up my camera again and going out to see what is in front of the lens.



3 thoughts on “Reasons why…

  1. Very beautiful images…and I agree strongly with Nature Footstep!! :))

    Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday. Sorry I am so late…no internet connection all week 😦

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