Simbithi Sunset

On Saturday evening I got distracted from what my husband was talking about and this was what distracted me…


A beautiful sunset. My darling man was a tad irritated because I kept interrupting him to have a look at this gorgeous sight, but then he took notice and had a peek for himself 🙂 I find it difficult to capture sunrises and sunsets and get a true sense of the colours. I did cheat and add some fill light in Light Room. In PS I upped the saturation by about 2. That was all I did to that photo.

However, in the photo below, I added a Posterize layer and then an Ocean Ripple layer. It makes for quite a dramatic and colourful picture.

Sunset 02

I am linking up to Lori’s MOM Do go on over to her site and have a look at the other entries.


4 thoughts on “Simbithi Sunset

  1. You made an already beautiful sight into something even more special. Gorgeous colour changes – love your work. Thanks for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday 🙂

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