MoM 106…

My previous post was about a visit to a spa hotel. The following photo was of the wall around the church. I love old buildings and weathered walls, doors etc. They have such character.

IMG_6487stroke-2I am posting a last minute entry on Lori’s Mandarin Orange Monday

I changed the photo to Black & White, then used the Coloured Pencil in the Filters layer…

Coloured Pencil

Then I added an orange colour fill layer, changed the blend layer to overlay and lowered the opacity…

Colour Fill

Mandarin Orange Monday

3 thoughts on “MoM 106…

  1. I too love old walls and buildings. And I too visited a spa recently:) I love what you did…the original photograph and its development to an orange work of art. Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  2. Oh that is excactly what I love too 😉 those old walls have such a lovely texture! Your photos are lovely and I love the contrast in the first one the most! Looks like the house has some hair on its head 😉

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