One of my interests is crocheting. Earlier this year I came across Lucy’s blog, Attic 24. What a talented lady she is! She spends hours, getting inspiration, researching and designing patterns and then making the most beautiful things…blankets, cushions, mandala wheels and more.

Lucy, is then generous enough to share and allow us to use her patterns. How good is that?  I get to have the pleasure of crocheting, without sweating over the design, especially when she mentioned the maths involved…aaagghh!! Thank you, Lucy!!!

When I was in the UK recently, I ordered some yarn and started on Lucy’s Moorland Stripe Blanket.  I left the work-in-progress (WIP) in the UK and will continue with it when I return for another visit May. It helps to have unsuspecting family there, to clutter up their cupboards with my work 🙂

Anyhow, I got home and immediately felt the need to go out and buy some yarn to start another pattern that I had been admiring.


Such yummy colours! This is what I have started…


Can you see it in the background? Okay…enough teasing. It’s going to be a lap/baby blanket in the Ripple pattern found on Attic 24.

Here are the first 10 stripes of colour…2 rows per stripe = 20 rows.


I have not decided in which order I am going to do the colours. I don’t want to repeat these rows. I prefer to do them in a random order. Now that is going to take some thinking!!



I have used Elle Pullskein DK yarns, which are made here in South Africa.

If you like the pattern, do go over to Lucy’s site and find the instructions there. Make sure you have plenty of time and are sitting down with a cup of coffee when you visit Attic 24! It is very easy to get sidetracked visiting all her pages 🙂

I have to confess…I have an eye on her latest design. I can see that I will have a lot of UFOs around my house if I don’t take care.