Patterns & Symmetry 2

The Kiwi fruit, when cut open, shows beautiful patterns and symmetry.




Playing with Black & White edits…



Patterns and Symmetry 1

Our Photo Club has a challenge for January’s meeting…

Patterns and Symmetry

“Use symmetry and/or pattern, natural or man-made, to create an eye catching composition. Pay particular attention to lines, repetition, colour combinations, texture and contrast.”

So…I am trying to find suitable subjects. My husband and I went on a walk through a forested area in the estate where we live and I took a couple of pics there.

I still have so much to learn about the correct exposures, f-stops, iso etc etc, but this is my first take on Patterns and Symmetry…


A New Thing…

I have recently discovered a lovely group of people…cyclists! Several of our friends are keen cyclists and a few months ago my dearly beloved started joining them on their morning rides.

I’d my bike for 2 years, but had only ridden about four times…shocking! Here it is…

Bicycle colour

Anyway, in December, at the grand age of 60 plus a few months, I got on the bike and started cycling. We live in an area that has some sneaky little hills, which are killers when one is unfit and starting out in this sport. My poor little heart pounds away and I puff and pant up those little killers!

I am not usually proud of what I do or my achievements, but I must say that I am pretty chuffed with myself and how I am improving. I have now graduated from my baby rides to riding with the group of friends. However, I realise my limits and am definitely the slowest in the group.

This brings me back to the group of cyclists…they are so encouraging and complimentary about my efforts. At least one of them hangs back with me and makes sure I do not get into any problems on the ride. A couple of them have been my personal trainers and taught me how to use the gears etc. As I said…what a lovely group of people.

A b&w version…

IMG_8348 B&W

…and a partial colour edit for MOM 127

IMG_8341 partial colour orange

I changed the red of the bike like to orange, though it still looks pretty red here 🙂


MoM 106…

My previous post was about a visit to a spa hotel. The following photo was of the wall around the church. I love old buildings and weathered walls, doors etc. They have such character.

IMG_6487stroke-2I am posting a last minute entry on Lori’s Mandarin Orange Monday

I changed the photo to Black & White, then used the Coloured Pencil in the Filters layer…

Coloured Pencil

Then I added an orange colour fill layer, changed the blend layer to overlay and lowered the opacity…

Colour Fill

Mandarin Orange Monday

MOM 105…

At the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta I captured a few flashes of orange. Very kind of them to put on a show just in time for a MOM entry 🙂 The only editing I did on these photos was to adjust the tone and bump up the saturation. I tried a few artistic takes, but they just looked awful. So I kept it simple.

Herewith my entries. Some more photos can be seen here



Do visit MOM to see what other people’s entries.


Mandarin Orange Monday

Up, Up and Away…

Dionne Warwick’s song starts…”Wouldn’t you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?”

Yes I would have loved to have done that on Friday at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, UK. I was so excited to have been able to go to the Fiesta, as I am not usually in the UK for this annual event. We were so lucky with the weather, as the Balloon Ascent on Friday evening was able to take place. There were fair winds and only a slight shower.

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story…





















Morning Sky…

It’s a funny old thing, but this morning I got up and took some photos of the sunrise. Well that’s not a funny old thing…the funny thing is that it reminded me of a couple of lines I wrote in my journal a few days ago…

Wait in the morning

Dawn breaking upon the sky

As earth softly wakes

and then these are the words I read in Psalm 19:1 after having taken the photos…

The heavens proclaim the glory of God

The skies display his craftsmanship

Little events weaving life together.

I am linking up to Lori’s Mandarin Orange Monday

I enhanced the colour by using a colour pop method, though I must say that it did not need a lot of enhancing…



Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Flowers

I have just found Cee’s Photography blog, where amongst other challenges, she hosts a Black & White one. The current theme is “Flowers”, so I dutifully went out into our courtyard where there is a strelitzia in flower. I did take several shots in colour, but decided to set the camera onto Monochrome and took a couple of photos.

This is the SOOC shot…


I cannot remember all the edits I did, but for the following picture I added a soft white overlay, which lightened the image and brought out the contrasts a bit more…


Do go over to Cee’s blog and have a look at some of the other entries.

Cee's B&W Badge


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

“Family’ makes me think of the various members of my own family. This photo was taken last October, when my daughter was visiting us with her precious little girl. They live in the UK, far from us in South Africa, so it was pretty special for us to get some photos of Chloe with her great-grandmother.

We did take a photo of the four generations, but I love this one showing the oldest lady and the littlest lady in our family…

IMG_3892bgThe “family’ prompt comes from

Through the bullrushes…

A couple of posts ago I put up some photos taken on a walk on the estate where we live. We consider ourselves privileged to live in such a beautiful haven that is close to the amenities of shops, medical care and other necessities. As 2014 is getting underway, I stirred myself and edited a picture to enter for this week’s Mandarin Orange Monday

Below are the first edits I did – adjusting the tonal values, curves and adding a soft light blend…


For MOM entry, I bumped up the hue layer, added a warming photo filter and increased the density. It ended up with a soft orange tone to the photo…


And, just for fun, a monochrome version…