Macro Corsage…

I have not done any macro photography in months and I felt like a beginner again when I took the lens out this morning.

In searching around for something to photograph my eyes lit upon the corsage that I wore at my daughter’s wedding in September. Of course it is all dried up now, but I thought it made an interesting photo for Laura’s weekly challenge over at Blogging From Bolivia


Macro Crayons…

I am hoping to get this post up and linked before the electricity goes off again for the I don’t know how many times this morning! Every time it goes off and the guard changes to generator and vice versa, I lose the internet connection. I was downloading updates earlier and had to start the process all over again – soooo frustrating!!

Am linking up today for Laura’s Macro Friday challenge.

This time I played with taking shots of crayons.

To which colour does your eye get drawn?

Macro Cards…

I am absolutely devastated…I have lost my Photoshop CS4 on my computer! I have tried reinstalling it without any success. I have tried the support on the PS website, but that has not been successful either. I could sit down and cry 😦

I will probably have to wait till the end of July till I go to the UK to sort out my woes unless there is someone in this ** place to help me – boo hoo!

Meanwhile, I have edited this as best as I can in the photo editing programme on my computer. I am soooo disappointed with it 😦

I have been learning to play Bridge and today our beginner’s group got together for an afternoon of Bridge. That inspired me to take this photo for this week’s Macro Friday challenge…

Macro Bottle…

Fridays…usually mean a game of golf with my girlfriends in the morning and the Macro Friday challenge.

This morning I played a very bad game of golf, but the upside was that I played with two lovely ladies, Jill & Sue. Sadly, it was Jill’s last game here in Lagos, as she is leaving next week to go and live in South Africa. I am very happy to say that we will be living near each other once our home in South Africa is built – maybe by this time next year 🙂

If you look back at yesterday’s post, you will see a photo of an old gin bottle. I decided to try a macro version. Do go and visit Laura’s site and have a look at some more macro shots.

Rosy Macro…

Probably not the most original subject for a macro shot, but I think my birthday roses make a good one for this week’s Macro Friday entry.

Yet again I have been uninspired and unmotivated about my creative pursuits. In fact I don’t really feel inspired about anything in my life at the moment! I will have to pull myself up by the bootstraps and set some goals for this month. Hmmm…


Sweet Macro…

I debated about which photo to post for this week’s Macro Friday challenge. I was very tempted to use the picture in my last post, but it is not really a macro picture, neither is it a very good photo.

So I decided to use this photo instead. It is, indeed, taken with my macro lens. These are Bassetts Allsorts. I saw them when I was shopping a few weeks ago and, as our surname is Bassett, I could not resist buying them :). I do have to admit that I do not think they are as good as the Allsorts (Beacon, I think) that we used to buy in South Africa. My children disagree and staunchly stand by Bassetts!

Macro Flower…

Friday comes around again and with it time for another submission for the Macro Friday challenge.

This week has had its good bits and frustrating bits, though that is the normal way of life.  Yesterday we finally got the electricity supply from the national source. Tom had been getting a bit stressed about having to use the generator most of the time, as the running costs are so expensive. As I have said before, at least we have power, so I should not complain. However, when the generator has been switched off for several hours during the night, I get really hot and then the mosquitos start attacking me. I am a bit neurotic about that at the moment, having had two episodes of malaria earlier this year.

Then I have to put things in perspective. I think about the people in Japan who have lost loved ones, homes and are struggling with no electricity, water supply and the cold. Yes, my struggles pale into significance and I realise that God has blessed me with many blessings! That is my “thought for the  day” 🙂

Now for my photo. I seem to be going through an “orange” phase over the last couple of weeks. I think that the name of this flower is Heliconia – that is after going to Google to try and identify this common flower found here in Nigeria. We have very few flowers in our garden. Firstly, I am a terrible gardener. I think plants see me and say “Don’t touch us!!!!”. Secondly, the soil  appears to be very poor and the plants are not doing so well. Anyway, I did manage to find one flower to cut and bring into the house to cheer up my work room a bit.

Macro Orange…

This week’s macro photo was inspired by two sources:

1. Laura’s food photography

2. Mira’s tutorial on bubbles.

Well, I found it unbelievably hard to get even a halfway decent shot! I think I have spent more than half the day, so far, taking photos of this subject. I, also, wasted…umm. I mean…used 4 bottles of soda water. The bubbles kept disappearing too fast, even though I had set up my camera, tripod etc. Another tricky thing was trying to remember to clean my sticky fingers before touching the camera. All in all, a rather exhausting day – haha! I take my hat off to Mira for getting such amazing shots!

Just a note about the oranges we get here. For some reason they have green skins or,sometimes, a wishy washy orange colour. Shortly after I moved here I heard the funniest story about one of the expats who wanted one of their walls painted orange and when they got home, it was…you guessed it…green!!!

I am going to link up with this week’s Macro Friday challenge.