MoM 106…

My previous post was about a visit to a spa hotel. The following photo was of the wall around the church. I love old buildings and weathered walls, doors etc. They have such character.

IMG_6487stroke-2I am posting a last minute entry on Lori’s Mandarin Orange Monday

I changed the photo to Black & White, then used the Coloured Pencil in the Filters layer…

Coloured Pencil

Then I added an orange colour fill layer, changed the blend layer to overlay and lowered the opacity…

Colour Fill

Mandarin Orange Monday

MOM 105…

At the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta I captured a few flashes of orange. Very kind of them to put on a show just in time for a MOM entry 🙂 The only editing I did on these photos was to adjust the tone and bump up the saturation. I tried a few artistic takes, but they just looked awful. So I kept it simple.

Herewith my entries. Some more photos can be seen here



Do visit MOM to see what other people’s entries.


Mandarin Orange Monday

Up, Up and Away…

Dionne Warwick’s song starts…”Wouldn’t you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?”

Yes I would have loved to have done that on Friday at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, UK. I was so excited to have been able to go to the Fiesta, as I am not usually in the UK for this annual event. We were so lucky with the weather, as the Balloon Ascent on Friday evening was able to take place. There were fair winds and only a slight shower.

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story…





















Colour on a Grey Day…

It is grey and rainy today, but that doesn’t matter. It is lovely and cool and I bought a cheerful bunch of flowers this morning 🙂

I am supposed to be working on a couple of baby projects that need to be completed by 24 April, but I have been sidetracked by my blog! Baby projects in progress? Two quilts and two teeny jerseys for the two grandchildren that are expected in May – so exciting! I leave for the UK on 25 April. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to show the projects on my blog, because my daughter (one of the expectant mums) does not want to see them before she receives them. I hope she will like hers and I hope, even more, that my daughter-in-law likes hers too! I have said that they can put the jerseys on the babies once ,when I am around, and then turf them after that if they don’t like the results – haha!

Anyway, I digress from the bunch of flowers. I thought it about time to submit an entry for MOM, so I took some photos and then played around with my edits. As usual, I do the edits and then forget to note the process. Generally, I do a couple of basic adjustments in Lightroom and then open them up in Photoshop and play a bit more there. I did remember to write down the edits I did with one of the photos…see explanation below the photo.

Bunch Flowers 02

My black and white version…

Bunch Flowers 04

Bunch Flowers Ocean Ripple

Editing Steps –

Desaturated the image

Added an Orange Colour Fill and changed the blend to Overlay 100%

Distort Layer – Ocean Ripple.

It does look as if one is gazing down into shallow watery depths. “Shallow depths”?? I wonder how that would be described in the English grammar??


A bit of colour and a bit of b&w…

As I sit at my computer in my study, this is my view outside the sliding door…


I love the sound of water and the running fountain is very peaceful. Today is overcast, but it is a lovely change from the heat and humidity that we have had over the past couple of months.

My B&W version…

Courtyard Lk3 Vanilla SL 70%

I wandered out into the garden and saw this orange flower (I think it is a honeysuckle)…

Orange flower 01-3

and my B&W version…

Orange flower 01-2Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: 50mm f1.4

I am making a last minute entry for this week’s MOM challenge.


MoM 26…

This little, actually, not-so-little fellow was hopping around our verandah yesterday. His amazing colours made me run and grab my camera, with macro lens, and take a few shots. I am not so sure about giving him his modelling fees because he was not very co-operative and did not stay still for very long at all. I don’t know what was wrong with him…he kept hopping all over the place!

Anyway here he is and his colouring qualifies him for the weekly Mandarin Orange Monday challenge. Look at those orange eyes! I also like the reflection in the glass top of the table.

My edits were:-

Made a couple of adjustments in the Curves layer

Boosted the saturation up to 15 (at least I think it was 15!)

Sharpened the image by using using a High Pass filter



TT Circles…

Finally…I have managed to make a tag to take part in Louise’s Tag Tuesday challenge. This week’s theme is “Circles”. Easy…you say? Well, as usual, I did not find it easy. but then that is the point of a challenge – to stretch one. My tags always look so pathetic when I compare them to the other beautiful ones that the very talented people out there make.

After having tried a couple of tags, I decided this was the one that pleased my eye the best. I worked mainly in lilac tones. The colours do not come out as well in the photo. The darker circles are not red, they are more mauve…

However, there was still something missing. When I tried to put a ribbon to make a little hanging bit, it just did not look right. Then, looking through the photos of the first one, I felt that a little bow (as pictured below) would finish it off.

The end product…

Go over to Kard Krazy and have a look at the other entries for this week’s challenge.

Just a bit of fun…

This week I found yet another art/craft related website – GPP – If you go over to Michelle’s site, you will see that she sets themes and challenges for people to do. So I got side-tracked from my other creative activities and played 🙂

The brief was to cut out texts, words, phrases from magazines, newspapers etc and create a background with them. We could then leave the page with just the text or add paint, images or whatever came to mind.

I took these pages as exercises and not with the intention of producing a completed “work of art”. This is what emerged from my pages. By the way, I use the UK way of writing the date and not the US one. I was brought up in Africa and England 🙂

Page 1…

Page 2…

I am not sure if I am going to do anything more to the 2nd page or just leave it as it is.

So long for now.

TT Red & Green…

Louise’s challenge this week over at Kard Krazy is “Christmas Colors in July”. We have been challenged to make a tag using red & green, but it is not to be a Christmas tag.

I found this tag way more difficult than I expected! I started several tags cast them aside before settling on yet, another simple tag. I stamped the background with a floral stamp, then did a shadow stamp in green using a Hero Arts ladybird stamp for the imprint on the shadow. The red sequins were added to “tie” the red & green colours together.

Here you have it…