Variations on a Frog…

The other day my husband told me that there was a  frog was sitting on the counter next to the outdoor sink in my drying yard. I took my camera to go and photograph it. After taking a few shots with my 24-105mm lens, I went and got the Macro lens… Frog I think it is a Tree Frog and in reality he was only about 2 inches/5cm in length, but he looks rather large when photographed with a macro lens. Of course, I cannot leave well alone when it comes to editing. First of all in Lightroom I played around with a Bleach By-Pass edit… Bleach By-Pass Then I did an edit on the original photo. First of all I added a Poster Edge layer, then a blue Overlay blend layer and this was the result… PE Bl OL I think it looks as if he is sitting at the water’s edge of a pond.

We are off on a road trip on Monday to go down to Robertson in the Cape, so I will not be blogging whilst away. I really hope that I come back with some exciting photos 🙂

I am linking up to this week’s MOM challenge. If you look closely enough there are touches of orange and blue is the complementary colour of orange 😉