Several of us in our photo club have bought tiles to use as backgrounds for our photos. I think the people who work in the tile shop were very curious as to what we were going to do with the tiles, as we clearly did not have enough tiles to “tile” a room. After all, there were only 4 in a box and I think we took 3 boxes of shiny black tiles and 3 boxes of shiny white tiles.

So…(can one start a sentence with “so”?)…never mind…so, today I experimented with photographing a single rose on the tiles. I am going to do some more and try to get clearer reflections next time.

I give you…

Rose on black tile
Same rose, different angle
Rose on white tile

On a side note…I am still struggling to get used the way WordPress have got us writing our posts. I like to have my photos centered on the page and I cannot figure how to do it! Probably a sign of my age…grrr 😡

I am going to link up to Cee’s FOTD challenge.


  1. Beautiful photographs! WP takes a bit to get used to but the centering should be up or on the side depending on your theme. In the new editor, it is on the top left-hand side.

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