Macro Flower…

Friday comes around again and with it time for another submission for the Macro Friday challenge.

This week has had its good bits and frustrating bits, though that is the normal way of life.  Yesterday we finally got the electricity supply from the national source. Tom had been getting a bit stressed about having to use the generator most of the time, as the running costs are so expensive. As I have said before, at least we have power, so I should not complain. However, when the generator has been switched off for several hours during the night, I get really hot and then the mosquitos start attacking me. I am a bit neurotic about that at the moment, having had two episodes of malaria earlier this year.

Then I have to put things in perspective. I think about the people in Japan who have lost loved ones, homes and are struggling with no electricity, water supply and the cold. Yes, my struggles pale into significance and I realise that God has blessed me with many blessings! That is my “thought for the  day” 🙂

Now for my photo. I seem to be going through an “orange” phase over the last couple of weeks. I think that the name of this flower is Heliconia – that is after going to Google to try and identify this common flower found here in Nigeria. We have very few flowers in our garden. Firstly, I am a terrible gardener. I think plants see me and say “Don’t touch us!!!!”. Secondly, the soil  appears to be very poor and the plants are not doing so well. Anyway, I did manage to find one flower to cut and bring into the house to cheer up my work room a bit.


  1. It sort of has a Bird of Paradise look to it, but a solid color. Interesting. Love the capture. Great color. It’s quite cheerful. 🙂

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